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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Health Warning so Regular PHYSIO Check Ups Having regular physio check-ups can seriously IMPROVE your health
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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Here at Marbella Physio on the Costa del Sol, we
try and cover all aspects of a patient's wellbeing.
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We have now taken possession of even more high end technology, this time Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging technology.



This will mainly be used for breast screening and studies have shown (over 800 studies on over 300,000 women) that Breast Screening by Thermal Imaging can find abnormalities up to 10 years before more conventional means i.e. doctors examination, ultrasound or mammograms (mammography).


Find potential cancer early. Early detection is paramount. For more information, click through to


"Possibly some of the most exciting bits of new medical technology available today"

"This breakthrough is simply amazing"

"Never heard of this before but after MRI Scanners, it just makes logical sense but what a discovery!"

What are they talking about?

Magnetic Resonance Therapy.

Based on one of the great medical discoveries of the 20th Century, The Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Scanner which allows surgeons and doctors to "see" inside the body without the need for an operation, Magnetic Resonance Therapy is set to be the discovery of the early 21st Century.

Click here to find out about STOPPING JOINT PAIN at source.
How this exciting technology can help your body
which was previously thought of as impossible without surgery.

Click here to find out how this amazing technology can
stimulate the body's bones to strengthen and thicken,
improving BONE DENSITY
previously thought of as impossible
without harsh and sometimes debilitating medication -

Bodyworks Health Clinic

Estelle and Bob Mitchell have always worked under the Marbella Physio or Marbella Physiotherapy Clinic banner and over two years ago, with an increasing desire to help their patients on the Costa Del Sol in the south of Spain, opened up the Bodyworks Health Clinic.

Bodyworks is a fully licensed, fully regulated and fully approved clinic as are the practitioners working therein. When you come to Bodyworks, you can be assured that you will be properly and professionally looked after.

Bodyworks is a unique, custom built, 5 treatment room clinic with it's own exercise and rehabilitation studio at Cancelada, near San Pedro in the south of Spain, address and telephone number as above. Providing Nutrition and Toxicity Screening and Clinical Massage, the new BODYWORKS HEALTH CLINIC really is a one-stop-shop for your Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Injury Management and Rehabilitation needs.

BODYWORKS HEALTH CLINIC run by fully qualified, fully licensed and fully regulated health professionals for your needs.

The Bodyworks Health Clinic is always interested in hearing from fully qulified health professionals. If you are looking for consulting rooms, why not get in touch with Estelle or Bob.  


Hi - hola and welcome to Marbella Physio, your Costa del Sol "health" site in Andalucia, south of Spain for all things physiotherapy related. Estelle Mitchell Physiotherapy Clinic

Que tal or how are you? I hope you are fit and well and that life is good for you.

If we have not met before, my name is Estelle and if we have met, good to see you again.

Whilst this site is mainly physiotherapy (fisioterapia) orientated, it does cover other health related issues. My main aims are to introduce myself, to talk about physiotherapy and what a physio actually does or can do, to introduce books etc that I find valuable and to bring together a variety of other health related sites for your enjoyment/information.

So and without further "ado" ....

Estelle Mitchell English Chartered Physiotherapist

Importantly to give you an insight into myself and my physio practice based here in Marbella, Costa del Sol (also now known as the Costa del Golf) Spain.

This is the easy bit! Click here, on my photo or on the above button to find out more.


I want to show what physiotherapy is actually all about, what physiotherapy can achieve and what physiotherapists (fisioterapeutas) do!

This is the hard bit!! Follow the various links and buttons to learn more.

I want to try and recommend books that I use and that can be ordered over the Internet. These are usually much better value than the High Street shops!

Related Sites
I would like to let you have various links to other physio and health related web sites and of course, to my other site at where you can learn more about my new ground breaking technology - the first in mainland Europe!

Radio & Television
I am a regular speaker on both radio and television using both media's to help educate the audience on the merits of physiotherapy and to discuss both general and individual health problems. Should you want to tune in, I can currently be heard on Tony Keys Breakfast Show on Central FM (103.8 & 98.6) between 10am and 11am usually once or twice a month and in the past, I have been a regular contributor on Mary Harboe's Medical Matters show on Onda Cero International (101.6) and also with Mary at REM. On television, I have been a contributor on Marbella TV and Localia.

The Bodyworks Health Clinic is always interested in hearing from fully qulified health professionals. If you are looking for consulting rooms, why not get in touch with Estelle or Bob.
The Costa del Sol is also now known as the Costa del Golf. Should you want (or need!) a golfing holiday, visit
A tall order to cover all of the above but ....
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With more moving parts than any machine, it's not surprising your body occasionally cries out in pain or refuses to do what you tell it to. Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat many of the problems you can experience!



A small sample of the many testimonials that Estelle regularly receives

“Thank you for your excellent treatment”
Mrs Sheila Frank

"Thanks for getting me fit to run in the Marathon."
Nick Le Cocq

"I would like to thank
you for all your kind help in making me feel better ... I hope we can keep in touch"

Roseann Lewis

"When others had basically given up hope, you got me both mobile AND pain free. How can I ever thank you?"
Joanne Dodds

"I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me to those start lines this season"
Andy Kemp - Triathlete




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