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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Health Warning so Regular PHYSIO Check Ups Having regular physio check-ups can seriously IMPROVE your health
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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Here at Marbella Physio on the Costa del Sol, we
try and cover all aspects of a patient's wellbeing.
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In this section and in association with I am looking to recommend books that I think are worthwhile, books that I use and like myself and books that I believe are appropriate for a health based lifestyle.

I have looked at many of the on-line booksellers and for the widest choice, the best value and the most convenience, I personally do not think that can be beaten. Prices are usually discounted well below that of the High Street shops and delivery times are excellent.

Click to them from my site and enjoy their many, many other offerings.

Please come back to my site often as more and more recommendations are added.
Do you have a particular book you want to share?
Let me know and I will put up a link so that others may enjoy it.
E-mail me at

Get Well Stay WellWritten by Dr Paul Sherwood, this is called a "groundbreaking book" explaining why so many illnesses we suffer today are caused by "an overburdened lymphatic system". Over 80 health problems are covered as are their treatments. The Back and Beyond
is another book that I thoroughly recommend. Again written by Dr Sherwood, he "takes a startling new view of the cause of non-specific back pain". A "must" read.
 The Integrated Health BibleThis is a book, written by Dr Mosaraf Ali, that you may all have heard about. Andrew Lloyd Webber states that "Dr Ali tells you everything about your symptoms that you don't want to hear, then how they came about. Then he cures them"! The foreword to this particular book is written by HRH The Prince of Wales. Back in Line is written by a physio who is also the co-founder and director of the Back Care Service Centre and the Back Care Education Programme. Suffice to say that my own copy of this book is now well thumbed!
Michel Thomas SpanishMichel Thomas has taught the rich, the famous and Bob and I! If you have to or want to learn Spanish then this is the course for you. AMAZINGLY GOOD! This is a complete 8 hour course consisting of 8 CD's (a smaller two hour introduction course is also available). Living and Working in SpainThis is classed as THE book for visitors, holiday-home owners, retirees, immigrants and anyone else planning to spend some time in Spain! If you are thinking at all about Spain - simply buy it - it is a must!
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With more moving parts than any machine, it's not surprising your body occasionally cries out in pain or refuses to do what you tell it to. Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat many of the problems you can experience!

A small sample of the many testimonials that Estelle regularly receives

“Thank you for your excellent treatment”
Mrs Sheila Frank

"Thanks for getting me fit to run in the Marathon."
Nick Le Cocq

"I would like to thank
you for all your kind help in making me feel better ... I hope we can keep in touch"

Roseann Lewis

"When others had basically given up hope, you got me both mobile AND pain free. How can I ever thank you?"
Joanne Dodds

"I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me to those start lines this season"
Andy Kemp - Triathlete




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