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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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What is Physiotherapy?

A simple definition of physiotherapy might suffice but with physio being such a complex subject, any definition tends to be equally complex.

The World Federation of Physical Therapy formally described Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) as "providing services to people and populations to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan"

Their full description is over a page long and as I am sure that is too much, I thought that giving a brief description of some of the more common treatments would help give an understanding and appreciation of how physiotherapy can help you.

Click on the Treatments page for these more common treatments and potential ailments.

Aim of Physiotherapy
The basic aim of physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain and restore normal movement and function patterns to help return the body to its natural state.

Physiotherapy includes the assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of a patient's treatment.

includes the examination of individuals with actual or potential injuries, functional limitations, disabilities, or other conditions of health and may be done by history taking, screening and the use of specific tests and measures and finally evaluation of the results.

arises from the examination and evaluation of the assessment tests.

begins with understanding the need for intervention and the potential action that may require to be taken, all with the patient's consent.

may include manual handling; movement enhancement; electrotherapy; functional training and exercise plans; provision of supports or appliances; instruction and counselling and long-term management strategies.


With more moving parts than any machine, it's not surprising your body occasionally cries out in pain or refuses to do what you tell it to. Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat many of the problems you can experience!



A small sample of the many testimonials that Estelle regularly receives

“Thank you for your excellent treatment”
Mrs Sheila Frank

"Thanks for getting me fit to run in the Marathon."
Nick Le Cocq

"I would like to thank
you for all your kind help in making me feel better ... I hope we can keep in touch"

Roseann Lewis

"When others had basically given up hope, you got me both mobile AND pain free. How can I ever thank you?"
Joanne Dodds

"I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me to those start lines this season"
Andy Kemp - Triathlete




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