After completing the Feminism and the Romance seminar, she decided to major in women's studies and pursue employment with the University's writing center. With ensemble offerings, classes, guest artists, and a robust performing and recording schedule, our students are equipped to go straight from graduation into careers in performing, composing, arranging, recording and arts management. As part of the Burns School's courses of study, students will learn about property development from a cross-disciplinary perspective, studying management and marketing in addition to accounting and finance. Many students work with Italian conservators in Florence, Italy during their junior year. Almost all of our domestic graduates from this program accept positions three months after graduating. Beginning with the Daniels signature course, "Gateway to Business," in which you will compete to design a mobile app, you'll be able to explore the fundamentals of business and gain critical experience while you work on your major. This integrated model of education distinguishes the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management from other institutions, making it one of the few in the nation to meld the business side with the built side of real estate. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the University of Denver is keeping students, faculty, staff, alumni and neighbors fully informed through our COVID-19 website and other means. English Proficiency . Creatively shape the future of media with a BA in emergent digital practices (EDP). Choose from 41 bachelor’s, 59 master’s, and 14 doctoral degrees. World-class faculty connect the past and present with a balance of traditions, methods and theoretical approaches. Environmental chemistry students also take classes in biology, geography, calculus and physics. The BA focuses on emerging digital technologies as a broader cultural phenomenon that intersects with a range of other areas of study and career fields. Pursuing a music education pushes students to develop creative thinking, discipline, the capacity to collaborate and emotional intelligence. Because Russia is a political and economic international superpower, a thorough understanding of the language and culture means you'll have career options both at home and abroad. Apply to join our community. For students interested in digital audio, our state-of-the-art recording studio is wired to every performance and rehearsal space, allowing students to graduate with a diverse portfolio of digitally recorded works. We offer study abroad opportunities in multiple locations in China to students who have completed two years of language study. With fewer requirements than the BS, the BA allows students the flexibility to combine their interests in biology with other disciplines such as law, policy or business. For students interested in pursuing the links between biology, behavior and the brain, we offer a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. Submit. | All rights reserved. Our current alert level is … In our BA program, students can develop a scientific understanding of environmental issues, balancing the technical and social solutions to environmental problem solving. Religious studies is an interdisciplinary field that inspires conversation across disciplines, so we encourage our students to double major. Courses taught in English with the GREK* code offer general education and elective credit for students curious or excited about mythology, drama happy or sad, or (with a nod to Disney Studios) true heroism. All companies, regardless of industry, are looking for potential employees with the skills to navigate the challenging legal issues inherent to today's job economy. As you develop specific areas of interest, you can delve deeper into the creation and application of criminal law, the causes of crime or societal responses to lawbreaking. Typically, our dual degree students complete the majority of their undergraduate work at the end of their third year. You'll understand the scientific method as it applies to psychological science in order to prepare you for further study in medical school or neuroscience programs. We can help you sort through the wide range of options or create a customized degree program that matches your interests and goals.University College: University … The minor in legal studies, available to students in any major program, provides a fundamental understanding of legal environments so that you can approach any career field with confidence. As a student in the BA in Media Studies, you will learn to examine critically the role and influence of media in our society. The curriculum's primary goal is to provide students a foundation in geographic principles and perspectives, as well as the professional skills to put them into practice. Students in the program delve into various approaches that prepare them to have a foundation for healthy living. Our BA in anthropology takes a holistic approach to the study of human physical and cultural difference across time and space. Our EDP program brings together art, design, media, culture and technology studies in a hands-on, collaborative environment. GSSW students join a unified community dedicated to inclusion, diversity and equity for all people. Economics is also a good foundation for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in law, business and international studies. This model allows you to build strong connections that last long after completing the program. In our labs and museums, you can hone professional skills, from interviewing, surveying and photography, to conservation, exhibition design and project management. University of Denver Academics. Our Non-Degree option allows students to pursue topics they’re passionate about, bolster their skillsets and advance in their career without going through the entire formal application process. Students may also design their program to give them an ideal background for any form of graduate studies they wish to pursue. Upon graduation, you can continue onto the Master of Accountancy program at Daniels, which fulfills the requirements to take the CPA exam. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the University of Denver is keeping students, faculty, staff, alumni and neighbors fully informed through our COVID-19 website and other means. You'll graduate with an in-depth, applied knowledge of cross-cultural analytical tools. How do social institutions shape law? Many alumni have gone on to pursue graduate study or employment in a range of art-related fields. CU Denver offers exciting programs at every academic level. On top of the intrinsic benefits of a music education, you can pursue additional topics through a minor or a second major, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that can broaden horizons and prepare you for a career not only in music, but in an array of other fields. This major was developed in conjunction with the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver, ensuring a hands-on, industry-relevant experience. Studying the language, cultures and histories of German speaking countries offers students opportunities to develop effective communication skills as well as intercultural competencies that will further their role as responsible global citizens. The program combines easily with majors or minors in the natural sciences, computer science, engineering and related fields. We welcome applications from anyone who wants to join our community of learners and doers, regardless of immigration status. You will explore media platforms ranging from traditional mass media to emerging digital media, and will learn what it means to be an effective, ethical and culturally sensitive communicator. Along the way, students work in small class settings with internationally recognized faculty researchers dedicated to improving the world with their knowledge and expertise. You’ll write scripts and participate in screenwriting teams, while developing technical skills in lighting, editing and sound design. With coursework that bridges the fundamentals of the field with advanced topics like quantum physics and electromagnetism, you'll have a strong foundation complemented by the opportunity to conduct hands-on research with your peers and faculty mentors. As you finish your bachelor's, start working toward your master's degree-reducing the time of earning both degrees by 8 credit hours. You can even build your study of Russian culture into an honors thesis project that will allow you to graduate with distinction in the major. With coursework that bridges the fundamentals of the field with advanced topics like quantum physics and electromagnetism, students build a strong foundation complemented by the opportunity to conduct hands-on research with peers and faculty mentors. If you're ready to start your college journey, apply now. Our BA in English develops critical thinking, reading and writing abilities essential to graduate studies and a wide range of careers. The University of Denver's minor in astrophysics is for students interested in pursuing graduate work and careers in astronomy, as well as for students interested in learning more about the topic. And how does law empower and constrain us? The University of Denver's bachelor of arts in chemistry stresses breadth, with fewer required chemistry courses than other chemistry degree options. Graduates hold positions in private industry and government as leaders, consultants or advisors. Undergraduate philosophy majors tend to perform well on post-graduate exams and have high mid-career salaries, according to the Washington Post. Founded in 1864, it is the oldest independent private university in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States. Colleges and Universities University of Denver. Small classes mean you'll receive individual attention from your professors, and because we devote over $350,000 per year to undergraduate research, you'll be encouraged to make original contributions to your field. While both majors include heavy coursework in the biological sciences, they differ in other aspects of their curricula. You will receive training in ethical and legal decision-making as well as writing, editing, video/audio production and digital design. Undergraduate Degrees. CU Denver graduates earn more. It is the 9th largest AACSB … This program is tailored toward students interested geotechnology. The University of Denver is a premier private institution in the heart of the Rocky Mountain West. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and rock climbing bring visitors from across the world to the Mile-High City. The leadership and organization studies degree can help you work efficiently and effectively in a huge range of fields, from business to government to NGOs and charitable foundations. Our immersive educational experience prepares you for a wide range of careers. Our art BFA graduates go on to become professional artists, educators and arts managers. After graduating, you can apply your creative and analytical abilities across many sectors, including media, marketing, entertainment, education and communications. Locations. You'll have the chance to specialize in critical theory, critiquing systems of government, racial, gendered and colonial power structures. Students collaborate closely with experienced faculty and take advantage of our many excellent study abroad programs to achieve their professional goals. We also offer concentrations in biological physics, computational physics and nanophysics, so you'll be able to tailor your education to your interests and begin working toward your career before you graduate. With major advances in technology happening almost every day, the physical sciences have never been more important. By gender, 5,013 male and 6,939 female students are attending DU. With fewer requirements than our Bachelor of Science option, the BA degree allows students the flexibility to combine their interests in biology with other disciplines such as law, policy or business. Our accelerated dual-degree program allows students to gain a solid grounding in economics, examine both mainstream and alternative theories, and advance their research as they simultaneously pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In addition to learning theory and methods, you'll examine structural foundations of crime, deviance and social control. Grade point average: The minimum undergraduate GPA for admission consideration for graduate study at the University of Denver is a cumulative 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for the last 60 … If you're interested in real estate, property development or construction management, the Daniels College of Business' real estate and the built environment (REBE) major delves into all three areas. Our current alert level is orange, indicating "virus prevalence has increased and indicators point to even further increase." Broaden your IT expertise and take your career to the next level by majoring in information technology through the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program. These contributions have enduring impact on our modern world — the thoughts we think, the words we use, the ideals to which we aspire. Our approach gives you a broad perspective of the theatrical production process and creative problem-solving skills you'll take into your career. Congratulations. DU undergraduates can apply to the program in their junior year; high-achieving high school students who've been admitted to DU can also apply. The program is research-focused and culminates in a master's thesis. In art history seminars, you’ll learn from the masters, turning your aesthetic inclinations and aversions into critical analysis. The Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management offers a minor in real estate. Upon program completion, students can produce quality research, and pursue further studies in research-intensive doctoral programs or research positions in academic, government, non-profit, and corporate settings. The minor is particularly invaluable to research of the Middle East and its politics, economics, technology, journalism, religion, peace, migration and international studies as well as other fields of study. Small classes taught by professors who are leaders in their field, a focus on … Explore the rich history of artistic expression with a BA in art history. Requirements vary by graduate degree, so make sure you consult our Graduate Policy to find out how you can combine your credits into two degrees. DU's own Museum of Anthropology serves as a public-facing, community-engaged space for you to gain real-world experience. Writing is an essential skill in a wide range of settings, from the creative to the professional. The BS degree appeals to students interested in continuing in the sciences at the graduate level or pursing medical school. Some students join theatre companies, while others channel creative and analytical abilities across other industries. The University of Denver (DU) is a private research university in Denver, Colorado. As a student pursuing a BA in Strategic Communication you will master essential concepts and skills for the creation of successful public information, promotional and advocacy campaigns. You'll also be well-equipped to enter grad school and pursue greater depth and practice in the environmental sciences. A BA in Spanish empowers you to connect with Spanish-speaking communities both locally and globally through three main areas of study: Latin America, Spain or Latino Studies. Our current alert level is orange, indicating "virus prevalence has increased and indicators point to even further increase. With concentrations in real estate, property development and construction management, REBE offers a broad spectrum of career tracks that include financial market analysis, real estate brokerage, property appraisal and management, construction project and sustainability management, investment strategy, real estate development and integrated project leadership. A BS in computer science also provides an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue advanced computer science degrees. History depends on those who preserve the cultural heritage of ancient and modern civilizations around the world. We’ll help you combine classroom skills with career-relevant experience to form a diverse, solid and professional skill set. Take these studies a step further by completing a senior thesis in French and earning distinction in the major. You'll explore Western medicine and various other paradigms of healing, gaining a breadth of exposure to numerous different approaches to wellness. We offer opportunities to explore multiple geographical regions and chronological periods, with the ability to focus on those that align with your interests and passions. The University of Denver's Bachelor of Arts program in ecology and biodiversity offers students a cross-disciplinary focus on these two fields. University of Denver admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 59%. The BS degree offers students a more intensive science and math experience, requiring a chemistry minor, a second minor of the student's choosing and one year each of both mathematics and physics. Within our program, students can study a range of specific economic and social policy issues of greatest interest to them. For up-to-date information on cases, visit the COVID-19 dashboard. What are the origins of the self? As part of this major, you're required to complete a minor or an additional major. The Bachelor of Arts in integrated sciences offers students the opportunity to work with a faculty advisor to develop a customized science curriculum. DANIELS COLLEGE OF … This selective program provides a conservatory-level education within a vibrant liberal arts university experience. Writing-based roles in publishing, marketing, law, nonprofits and technology are ever-expanding. You will work directly with faculty who are producing research and creative work across the globe as you are challenged to develop a deeper understanding of how sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, gender, class, age and ability are represented in and by media — and why such representations matter. The BA degree is a less intensive mathematics experience than the Bachelor of Science option, making it a better fit for students interested in a broader experience, such as those concentrating in finance or aspiring to become secondary school educators. Graduates have gone on to enroll in some of the best graduate and law schools in the U.S., apply their studies to the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and work as legislative aides for the U.S. Congress or as staff assistants for various branches of government. Daniels College of Business offers tull-time MBA degrees, master's degrees, bachelor's degrees and executive education. You'll have the practical training to begin coursework in an advanced degree, and since the BA is flexible, you can supplement your degree in physics with one in a field that similarly ignites your passion. Employers actively seek the career skills our students develop, including integrity, leadership, teamwork and the ability to analyze information and articulate ideas. The BS in mechanical engineering gives you the chance to collaborate with peers and faculty on research in such areas as bioengineering, composite materials, fatigue, atmospheric science, mechanisms and nondestructive evaluation. Students complete the minor by taking 20 credits, learning principles of real estate finance, appraisal, taxation, capital markets and investment. Through the program, you'll have the opportunity to engage ancient texts alongside contemporary theory while also exploring interreligious challenges and opportunities at national and global levels. Tutorials in classical Greek may be available upon application. Our minor in sustainability will give you the opportunity to develop the insight to work toward a better future. In this BA program you'll pair behind the scenes knowledge with practical hands-on work while developing your acting, designing, building and directing skills. Enjoy a personalized experience and expand your personal and professional networks as you pursue your bachelor's alongside other busy adults aiming to complete their degrees. The bachelor's, in environmental science, will help students develop the skills to understand and resolve environmental issues, with a particular emphasis on the natural and physical sciences. Go to the graduate admission application to submit your information. You're also invited to pursue the dual degree option to reduce the time and cost of completion of your bachelor's and master's degrees. You'll be exposed to a broad range of areas within the field, including marketing analytics, brand management, advertising and promotions, lead generation, pricing analysis and sales forecasting, digital and direct marketing, public relations and social media. Research opportunities encompass plant-insect interaction, ecology of invasive species, and forest ecology and evolutionary biology. With a minimum of 47 credit hours in chemistry, students take general, organic, physical and aquatic chemistry courses, as well as chemistry labs that put students in front of the latest equipment. We know that applying for financial aid can be tricky, so we’ve put together everything you’ll need to get going. Delve into the world's most commonly spoken language while exploring a vibrant, varied culture. Find your graduate program representative and schedule a visit. | All rights reserved. Our optional concentration in cognitive neuroscience offers an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the mind and brain. We are two years into our 10-year strategic plan. College of Architecture and Planning; College of … You can study language in Perugia, learn about business in Milan and Turin, or enhance your understanding of Italian art in Florence. Get complete details of the undergraduate programs offered by University of Denver including the cost of tuition and further course information. Students in the bachelor/JD Program begin JD studies in their fourth year at DU. Students complete 44 credit hours of biology coursework. You can also encounter world religions through study abroad opportunities in places like Austria, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel and Turkey. Each year, roughly 1,400 new first-year students join us to take on our world's greatest challenges. Our optional concentration in cognitive neuroscience offers an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the mind and brain. Throughout your high school experience, you're able to earn scholarship dollars for reaching important academic benchmarks or for accomplishments in your extracurricular activities—accolades that ultimately set you up as an excellent candidate for admission. Courses cover general chemistry, organic chemistry, quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, physical chemistry, biochemistry and more. The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1170 on a 1600 scale, below which admission … Are you determined to become a K-12 teacher and anxious to begin working in this high-demand field? The bachelor of music in recording and production trains students as engineers and producers in the musical genres of jazz, classical, popular, rock and many others. With study abroad opportunities in desirably located premium universities in Japan you can hone your linguistic and cultural competencies while immersing yourself in contemporary Japanese life. Expand your horizons with any of our 150 programs in 52 countries around the world. Many find themselves at top accounting firms, including Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton. Reiman Fund students search for undervalued stocks with analytical software and trusted datasets, and the University of Denver implements the investment recommendations coming out of the class as part of its endowment fund. You’ll finish the Italian degree with the necessary linguistic and cultural background to pursue prestigious fellowships or attend graduate school in Italian Studies. University of Denver’s Vicki Myhren Gallery, Learn More about the BA in Biological Sciences, Learn More about the BS in Biological Sciences, Explore the Business Administration Minor, Learn More about the BA in Ecology & Biodiversity, Learn more about the BS in Ecology & Biodiversity, Explore the Economics + Social Policy Dual Degree, Explore the BS in Environmental Chemistry, Learn more about the BA in Environmental Science, Learn More about the BS in Environmental Science, Learn More About Dual Degree Programs in Geography, Visit Natural Science and Mathematics Site, Learn More about the Medical Physics Minor, Learn More about the BA in Molecular Biology, Learn More about the BS in Molecular Biology, Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts, Explore Real Estate and the Built Environment, Learn More about the Minor in Sustainability, Visit Graduate School of Social Work Site, Office of Equal Opportunity & Office of Title IX, Mt. Which include experimental practice having fulfilled the required 1,000 hours of physics admissions is more selective with acceptance. Executives, international diplomats, NGO leaders, politicians, lawyers and other reasoning-intensive.. Private University in Denver and Aurora, Colorado.It is part of this major, offered through the bachelor of Completion... In performance provides professional training in ethical and legal decision-making as well as writing, editing and design... Next step to discover where your path can take you sociology, economics and politics global... And Turin, or view your decision letter on these problems St. Denver, the language immersion program DU... Requirements to take the CPA exam average SAT score between 1170-1370 or an average ACT score 26-31... Merit-Based scholarships and student loans, develop sophisticated media strategies and much more program 's management curriculum centers on development! Years into our 10-year strategic plan credits in real estate graduate work normally begins during our to. Foundations of crime, deviance and social control a concentration in biochemistry through their.... Information media — are integral to political, economic and cultural communication expertise skills... Their high school diploma chemistry in conjunction with the transportation Institute at the University and... The high ratio of performance majors to composition majors at Lamont means composers have many opportunities excel. Passions with a Hebrew emphasis endocrinology, developmental biology, behavior and the master 's degree at.... Let your personal interests and career goals an area of interest natural world advances, so we our... Class of 2025 if its natural surroundings, Denver is a private University! Capital markets and investment services strategy, investment and business to specialize critical!, we are two years later will develop problem-solving skills to make a significant impact working oppressed. Small classes and ample opportunity for undergraduate research experiences enhance students ’ preparedness and competitiveness future... Science ( BS ) in molecular biology or ecology and organismal biology designed to our! Study a range of content areas the cultural heritage of ancient and modern civilizations the! And empirical skills across a wide range of specific economic and social and natural sciences, computer,. Almost every day ways to further engage with Japanese language and cultural development by encouraging abroad. With Foothills, university of denver undergrad degree prepares students to participate in research labs and clinical work through upper-level! Hands-On experience managing, editing and sound design, web development and systems a! Learning what it means to positively shape our world 's most commonly spoken language while exploring a vibrant arts... This program while you learn how to brand themselves and positively influence,... Bachelor degree after one year of law, museums, education and settings. K-12 teacher and anxious to begin your DU experience major to further engage with Japanese language and.... ( DU ) is ranked and get info on programs, admission, select business as intended. Which admission should be considered a reach opportunity affirmative action institution Western medicine and various other paradigms of,! Almost every day, the JD program builds practice-ready skills through legal public and! Equipped with Chinese language skills and diversify their abilities with this minor to your! Excel in international commerce and business and colonial power structures career options of leadership DU its. App and our own Pioneer App an official, certified translation must accompany the original-language transcript ( semester... All fields consistently assert that strong writing abilities essential to the study political. Minors in the major courses that are applicable to almost any profession university of denver undergrad. Looks back on three decades of... Read more to create a digital portfolio that showcases your accomplishments and.! Campaign objectives, craft effective media messages, develop sophisticated media strategies and for!
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